Available alloys include stainless and mild steel, bronze, iron, aluminum, and brass. All services are available on an a-la-carte basis.

Consultation and Design
Successful projects result from proper research and development in early stages. Cupolette is committed to considering each new project on an individual basis with respect to both the client’s expectations and the realities of the industry.

Castings may be produced using a variety of methods. We will explore all available options to arrive at an efficient, cost effective solution for your project.

Prototype production
Once a design is settled upon, the next step is to create a prototype. A well-made original ensures efficient production.

Cupolette uses both traditional and computer-aided methods to create prototypes. If a hand-made aesthetic is desired, classic hand-sculpting techniques may be employed. For a clean, precise feel, rapid prototyping may be a solution. Cupolette has the knowledge and versatility to use both approaches, and to combine them when useful. Available processes include hand-building in clay and wax, wood fabrication, and CAD/three-dimensional printing and milling.

Production Molds
A prototype is used to create a mold, which is in turn used to produce wax replicas of the prototype. Multiple variables affect choice of molding techniques and materials. However, most non-precision cast items (hardware, housewares, artwork) can be produced using relatively low-tech materials and processes.

Cupolette has extensive experience in molding, which includes not just producing molds but using them first-hand in foundry applications. This base of knowledge provides insight into what production process is right for your project.

Available options include silicone/urethane rubber molding, greensand-casting, and aluminum injection molds.

General Processing
Foundry is an intensive, multi-step endeavor. General processing includes, but is not limited to: replica production, sprueing, ceramic shell investment OR sand mold production, metal pouring, rough finishing, sand-blasting, fine finishing, machining, and surface treatment (patina).

All processing takes place at the Cupolette studio or at the locally owned/operated Calcagno Foundry under personal supervision from Cupolette. With very few exceptions, all general processing is done by hand.

Bronze and Aluminum Plaques
Knowledge of graphic design and access to greensand casting techniques gives Cupolette a unique advantage in the production of commemorative and informational metal plaques. We specialize in custom sizing and layout, appealing to the customer wishing to design something “just right”.