• Pioneer Mike

    Pioneer Mike

    Last summer I was contacted by George Kramer of Kramer and Company, Ashland OR. Mr. Kramer is a historical preservationist, and on behalf of the City was seeking information on how to replace Pioneer Mike, a figural statue that sits in Ashland’s main plaza.

    Over the past year, I have 1) traveled to Storm Lake, Iowa to mold the only remaining intact “Mike” in the country; and 2) recreated Mike in bronze. I delivered him to Ashland in late June, and he was rededicated July 2nd, 2016.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me: the City of Storm Lake, George Kramer, Steve Walker, and the always-amazing Calcagno family. The article below describes some of the history, and my initial role in the project. More to come.


  • Blanket Stories, Transportation Object, Generous Ones, Trek

    It has been Cupolette’s pleasure to work with Marie Watt, an artist and sculptor deserving (and receiving!) of all the respect due to those who value history, narrative, craft, and quality.

    To commemorate her large scale, permanent installation at the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM casting by Walla Walla Foundry), Cupolette was commisioned to process and complete a cast edition of her maquette in both bronze and iron.

    Our thanks to Marie for her good humor, support, and dedication to well-made things. The photos: A based bronze, a close up of the original, and the Big One!

    Mold prep, molds, wax, processing, finishing, patina, basing (save wood production) by Cupolette.


  • “Bramble” Handle for Momentum Handbag

    “Bramble” Handle for Momentum Handbag

    A great custom project for Winnie Brumsickle, owner of Momentum Handbag. Produced from a blackberry bramble found by Winnie, these aluminum pieces grace a number of her designs this season. See more here!

    Consult, prep, molds, processing, and finishing by Cupolette.

  • Bronze Owl Card Holders

    Bronze Owl Card Holders

    The images are finally here for these cute-as-a-button bronze owl favors. Check out the portfolio page for more information. Special thanks to Kate Rudman for the commission!

  • The Next Step: Aperitif Drink Set

    The Next Step: Aperitif Drink Set

    R & D is challenging!!

    Bronze castings were produced from the original 3D prototypes. Now it’s time to create the glass components for the decanter, stopper, and 4 glasses. The challenge is to determine the proper heat ratio between bronze and blown glass, in order to prevent the glass from cracking during annealing, as has happened here.

    First tries aren’t always successful, but everything is a learning process…stay tuned for the finished set! Special thanks to Lynn Read of Vitreluxe for his willingness to experiment.

  • Bronze Fire Helmet

    Designed as a retirement gift, this casting is replicated from an actual leather helmet and ID shield. Original concept and eagle element by Terry Kline, retired Captain of Station 56, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (and quite possibly the nicest guy you’ll ever meet).

    Helmet flame accents and texture, mold, and processing by Cupolette.

  • Cupolette in FORMA Issue 4

    Cupolette in FORMA Issue 4

    Check out the new article on Cupolette in the Spring ’14 issue of Forma, a Chicago-based online publication dedicated to celebrating makers and the creative process. Much gratitude for the inclusion of a photo of my favorite four-legged shop assistant! Read the full article here, and I recommend reading the rest of the issue! So many interesting jobs…

    Special thanks to Boone Rodriguez for his beautiful photography, and to Patrick Sisson for his wonderful words.


  • Using CAD: Aperitif Drink Set

    In producing a specially commissioned drink set, Cupolette has chosen to use a combination of CAD and traditional production techniques. The RP prints will be molded and cast, and used as “forms” for hand-blown glass vessels. RP printing by The Good Mod, Portland OR.

    Stay tuned for more production updates as the project progresses!


  • Cascade Collection

    After introducing the first articles in the Fall 2013 Portland Design Auction, the initial design has developed into a balanced 5 piece collection featuring sized decorative bowls, a jewelry tray, votive holder, and vase. All are hand-produced in wax and cast in stainless steel, with a minimal finish. The Cascade Collection will be making a Spring 2014 debut at exclusive retail venues in Portland, Oregon and Friday Harbor, Washington.

  • Bronze Dave Thomas

    A life-sized mold for Matthew Gray Palmer Fine Arts in Friday Harbor, Washington. The finished bronze will be installed at Wendy’s Corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ohio…will post when we receive pictures! Browse through the slideshow for various process shots.

    If you are curious as to why Mr. Thomas should be immortalized in bronze (besides the Frosty), learn about the Dave Thomas Foundation.

    Special thanks to Danielle and Matthew Palmer…wonderful people and a pleasure to work for!