Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Foundries

The advent of Computer Aided Design (CAD) opens up a world of possibilities for foundries. A basic knowledge of three-dimensional design programs is a boon to all those in product design. Whether your part is as simple as a cup, or as complex as a machine component, CAD provides a useful virtual testing ground for ideas.

This sake set was designed by Cupolette in SolidWorks, utilizing basic and advanced functions. A prototype will be produced using a three-dimensional printer. What once was impossible, or at least took many hours of highly skilled carving and fabrication, is now made cost and time-efficient through the use of new technology.

The advantage of applying foundry techniques to a CAD-produced part is that foundry does not obey the same rules as traditional machining. In short, we can get away with things…this seemingly simple sake set is virtually impossible to machine, but is relatively easy to cast. The end design calls for a carafe and set of four cups in stainless steel.